Kee Lun Palace, best dim sum in The Hague


I’ve been heart broken for years. Why, you may ask (or not, that’s okay too). Well… While I do have a seemingly endless list of favorite eats in London, since my move back home I’ve maybe¬†accumulated¬†five favorites out here, if that…

One of my qualms with the lowlands was that I couldn’t find any dim sum places. I’ll concede I probably haven’t been looking that hard, cause I’m cheap.

The Hague to the rescue
So when my folks wanted to go on a day trip to The Hague to try some dim sum (okay, we wanted to do some other stuff too, but I don’t go anywhere unless there’s food involved) I decided to just ask one of my Chinese friends and lo and behold! There are at least three decent dim sum places in the country! I’ve tried two so far, Oriental City in Amsterdam is pretty good for anyone to scared to venture outside of the city, but in my humble opinion Kee Lun Palace in The Hague might be a tad better since their menu is a bit more adventurous.

The place looks downright dodgy from the outside, but like many dodgy places it’s actually completely awesome.

I’ve been back since I visited with the folks, but I order the same shit every time. So go to town with some ‘Japanese’ whole fried fish with a good punch of chili. I just can’t not order whole deep fried fishes if they are on the menu (see also; tapas or my recipe for Indian deep fried fishies). Nothing beats eating a small deep fried animal in its entirety. My other go to are taro cakes, I can’t explain what they are but if you’ve never had them, go get them now. If I am never allowed to eat anything else again I’d die a happy woman. They also do some amazing veal cutlets, garlicky sticky sweet sexiness with some fresh coriander sprinkled over them for good measure and some veggie steamed buns, cause well, there have to be buns.

I’m salivating as I write this. I need to find some money to go to The Hague and eat more dim sum basically.

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