Dorothy Porker

About Dorothy Porker

Hello there! You may be wondering, who is this woman surrounded by all this ridiculous food?

My name isn’t actually Dorothy, it’s Mieke. I’m an avid reader, aspiring writer and fanatical home cook from the Netherlands. I’ve been told I have a sharp tongue and love Dorothy Parker¬†and so Dorothy Porker was born.

This is the second incarnation of Dorothy Porker. My goal with this foodblog is to give you two new recipes each week. I will focus on:

  • Single serve recipes
  • Recipes that include ingredients that you can use again later in the week
  • Doomsday prepping, i.e. things you can freeze into portions and eat at a later date as well as meal planning tips

I have a manperson but we spend most of the week apart. Because of this, and my dislike for waste or eating the same thing two days in a row, I’ve become very good at finding and developing recipes for small households.

I’m hugely into comfort foods and big and bold flavors. I try and keep it healthy, but I don’t try very hard.