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Cheaters Sweet Potato Buns

One of my favorite foodblogs is Lady&Pups, her Mexican Chorizo Burger is especially divine. I’ve been shilling that particular spice mix to vegans to make a vegan chorizo for years now.

Her recipes pack a punch in flavor as much as they do when it comes to the work that goes into them. I’m a bit lazier so while I’m super inspired by her I always try and figure out where I can cut corners on those flavors without putting all that effort in.

One of my most successful attempts are the sweet potato buns from that Mexican chorizo burger. It’s super easy, freezes and reheats well and is great with any burger or served steaming hot and covered in butter. So here is my ‘recipe’ for cheaters sweet potato buns.


  • white bread mix
  • water (see bread mix instructions)
  • 1 sweet potato
  • everything bagel or other bread topping

These wouldn’t be cheaters sweet potato buns if I didn’t also cheat on the preparation of the sweet potato… So take a fork and stab your (unpeeled) potato all over. Then, place it on top of a paper towel in your microwave and microwave on high for 5 minutes. Turn. And microwave for another 5 minutes.

Leave your sweet potato until it’s cool enough to handle. Place the white bread mix and any ingredients the packaging tells you to add into your food processor. Scrape about 250 grams of flesh out of your sweet potato and add this to your food processor. Blend until the dough comes together. Be sure to stop before it starts grabbing onto the sides of the bowl. Now cover and leave to rise as per the instructions of your bread mix.

I like to rise mine three times and top them with salt and everything bagel mix, sesame seeds or whatever else I have laying around that’s an appropriate bun topping before finishing them off in the oven.

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