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Indonesian Chicken and Waffles

Indonesian Chicken and Waffles Recipe - Dorothy Porker Food Blog

A few years ago I was daydreaming about having a food truck and what my menu might be. If you’re a home cook wanting to turn professional I really believe in doing only one thing and doing it well.

One of the ideas I landed on was a chicken and waffle spot. With a classic Southern fried chicken and waffle, Korean fried chicken and kimchi waffle and… and… I knew I needed a third because good things come in threes but what other chicken and waffle combo could knock your socks off?

And then it hit me: Indonesian chicken and waffles!

Indonesian Chicken and Waffle Recipe - Dorothy Porker Food Blog

I already had my favorite Indonesian fried chicken recipe from when I was a kid and figured I could easily turn gado gado into a slaw.

I just needed to find the waffle to go with it. Luckily: pandan waffles are a thing. Turns out, they go amazingly well with Indonesian fried chicken and gado gado!

Together their powers combined

Though they do great on their own, combine these recipes to make Indonesian chicken and waffles:

Zoek je dit recept in het Nederlands? Ga dan naar voor Indische kip met wafels.


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