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Surviving Veganuary 2019

Straight out the gates I have to be completely honest and say Veganuary 2019 was hard for me. It was a rough month in general and I may have cheated here and there with the odd cheese, bacon and fish.

Still, the vast majority of my meals were vegan and I’ve added some new recipes to my vegan staples so I’m glad I did it and got some new food inspiration in general.

The other goal I mentioned starting this, and one of my main goals for the year, to support small local business, is working out a lot better. I have been to the bigger chain supermarkets all but 4 times, and to a local smaller chain only for staples I can’t get at my local green grocers and Asian supermarkets.

What I cooked for Veganuary 2019

I used mapo tofu leftovers to make more potstickers. Sticking things in gyozo skins and then frying and steaming them is definitely a favorite discovery this year.

Something else I had quite a lot of is this amazing sweet potato tortilla soup by Pinch of Yum. I don’t have an Instant Pot yet so I made it in the slow cooker instead on low for 8 hours and froze the soup in portions.

So what’s next?

I still have a bunch of mapo tofu, prep for roast veg risotto and gyoza skins in the freezer, so there is definitely more vegan food in my future. The plan is to keep at least 50% of my meals vegan and then 25% vegetarian, though I may not always share that here.

I really want to start cooking with offal and other food ‘waste’, like these 50 cent salmon carcasses I saw at the market the other day that would probably be perfect for making a proper bouillabase. So be prepared for that.

Check out vegan recipes I’ve posted previously here, follow my future adventures on instagram, or check out my Vegan and Vegetarian board on Pinterest for inspiration.

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