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What Dorothy Works With

I know these days a lot of people are into, or trying to get into food photography and food blogging. I won’t be shilling any courses or anything like that any time soon, but for anyone who’s interested here’s an overview of what I use to run this show.

Foodtography School

During the summer of 2018 I took a course with Foodtography School by Bromabakery. I think I lucked out because this was her first program in one of its earliest runs and we got a lot of guidance at the time. Be sure to join one of her free webinars to see if its a good fit for you and for the discounts she tends to offer for full programs during these webinars.

Because I worked in social media for over 15 years, and I don’t have to ambition to get that big, for me the social media elements were less relevant. But Sarah is the first person who was able to lay out the basics of photography for me. And I went to art school (and dropped out, twice) and took a few photography courses before, so that’s saying something (possibly about me).

Her tips on composition, styling and finding your voice were also very helpful and clear. Her Lightroom walk-through is essential for anyone new to Lightroom.

At this point a lot of influencers have started offering courses. Look for the courses that offer an actual skill, like photography techniques, as opposed to ‘how do I get rich and famous’ or ‘how do I get a bazillion followers’, as there are no clear paths to the latter two. People who claim there are, and that they can tell you, are lying.



When I first started I just used my table and pulled some laminate flooring from my attic and clicked those together to use as backdrops.

Now I mostly use:


I’ve collected weird random shit for most of my life. So a lot of the stuff you see in my photos was stuff I had laying around anyway. I get new junk from thrift stores mostly.

The interwebs

I use a bunch of different stuff to run this website and associated social media channels. Most of it is quite standard, with some notable exceptions that I felt deserve props.