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Where Dorothy Eats

I love cooking, reading and learning about food but I also love eating out.

I have a nearly complete collection of Lucky Peaches, follow a plethora of travelling foodies online and of course I watch all the shows.

Initially I made a list of recommendations, but whenever I traveled anywhere this list turned out to be kind of a mess and a nightmare to wade through, to find places nearby, or even in the same location as the one I was visiting.

And then it hit me! You can save places in Google Maps, you can even make a shareable list in Google Maps! And so Dorothy Porker Eats was born. This list is comprised of:

  • Personal recommendations from friends
  • Restaurants mentioned in Lucky Peach magazine
  • Recommendations I’ve found on social media
  • Low and high brow restaurants at all price points

I am updating the list as I go along, removing places I’ve tried that disappointed and adding new place I hear about as they pop up all the time.

Of course ideally I’d have this map embedded here for your perusal, but Google Maps doesn’t allow for easy embedding of saved places and to keep track of an entirely separate map that isn’t integrated into your personal Google Map while you’re standing there looking for somewhere to eat seems inconvenient.

So please click the map below and it will take you to Dorothy Porker Eats saved places in Google Maps.